130: PayDay

As a fan of board games, I naturally gravitate to anything that shares a name with one of my favorite titles: the forthcoming Battleship movie, my Hi Ho Cherry-O 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, etc. It will not therefore surprise you to learn that I have a weakness for the PayDay bar.

Ah, the name brings to mind those halcyon days of youth, gathered around the game board, rolling the die, and learning the fundamentals of lifelong debt slavery. Good times.

I also like PayDay because it looks like the sort of candy bar my son would bring home from Kindergarten in his Big Bag O’ Craft Projects.

I assume that this delectable got its name when some Candy Bar Architect at Hershey’s realized that he wasn’t going to get a paid unless he produced something, and so hastily Rubber Cement’ed a bunch of peanuts together on the 31st of the month to ensure he received a check the following morning.

Rating: Like entrees on a Mexican restaurants menu, the vast array of candy bars on the market are essentially just permutations on the same five ingredients. In this case we have peanuts, which I like, and caramel, which frankly I prefer when it is a semi-solid rather than the shape and consistency of a pink eraser as it is here. Honestly, the caramel is less “ingredient” than “medium” in this thing–I bet you could water one of these puppies and a bunch of peanut bushes would sprout.

Ugh. Unfortunately, typing that last sentence made my PayDay bar retroactively taste like a Chia Pet. 55ยข/$1

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  2. otherthings says:

    Also, “payday” is Portuguese for “I farted”. (It’s true. They spell it “peidei” but it sounds exactly the same.)

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